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”Little Fairy is just like me. Actually… is she me?”

Laura, age 5, United Kingdom


In the Great Fairy Forest we believe that simple magic is the best kind of magic.

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Little Fairy Visits The Wildflower Nursery – The Spring Of Self-Worth

When Little Fairy is left out by her friends from their trip to the nursery, Wise Old Owl gives her some wonderful advice that children everywhere can use to empower themselves in all social situations.


Little Fairy And The Magic Paints – The Summer Of Sharing

Little Fairy feels the consequences of refusing to share her paints with her friend Magnolia Fairy. However a magical outcome occurs that teaches children about the good feelings associated with sharing.


Little Fairy And The Giveaway Day – The Autumn Of Giving

Little Fairy is confused when she discovers the Woodland Folk giving away their belongings. She stomps off into the forest where she learns a real life lesson in ‘giving’ from her friend the Great Oak Tree.


Little Fairy And The Snow Caterpillar – The Winter Of Acceptance

When she encounters a dreaded Snow Caterpillar in the fern glade, Little Fairy offers friendship and learns a valuable lesson about the wonderful opportunities available in accepting diversity.



The Fairy Fables – Wholesome E-Books For Children, Series 1    

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